24 August 2010

SME Mining Engineering Handbook

A.B. Cummins, I.A. Given, Howard L. Hartman, "SME Mining Engineering Handbook", 2 Volume Set (Second Edition)

The SME all-time bestseller 2-volume set is a classic. This comprehensive reference work distills the entire body of knowledge that characterizes mining engineering as a disciplinary field. While it may serve as a textbook for advanced students, its primary function is to provide professional practitioners with an authoritative reference and design source. To a lesser extent, the book also serves mining nonprofessionals who seek technical knowledge of the industry.

The books devote attention to all branches of mining--metal, coal, and nonmetal--and to all locales of mining--surface, underground, and hybrid. Although the main emphasis is US mining, numerous references are made to international practice.

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Anonymous said...


danke schone!!!


Anonymous said...

kalau ada handbook mining tolong krm k email ini ya... nurkhalis_548625@yahoo.co.id

silent_hill said...

jid ado yang bahasa palembang dang?or min bhsa indonesia b lah,saro law bhsa linggis jid,ndak bukak kamus dlu

akhmad nafarin said...

keren nih tambah terus dong ebooknya

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