31 January 2011

How To Determining Travel Speed of Dumptruck

Assalamu'alaikum ...
Hii..mate...happy to write in my personal blog again...so along time i dont take it.
now i want to share how to determining travel speed dumptruck. and it just my theory, which i'm use to my software formula for calculte how long the time used hauling dumptruck to do activities. and use for calculation cycle time of dumptruck (Travel Load and Travel empty time) .. but i hope by this little theory can help you when there is no data spesification dumptruck you get especially top speed of each gear.

At basic, we can calculate speed of dumptruck with compare rimpull data and top speed each gear.  Basic formula is :

...................... (1)
  ............................ (2)

But if we dont know how top speed dumptruck each gear, we can subtitution equations above..
So, we subtitution (1) and (2) equation,

and then

Note : 

CF = Correction Factor
         -. Speed factor (In reference, Bishop 1972)
         -. Machine availability
         -. Judgement for maximum speed allowed for safe operating
        -. Etc
|TR| = Total Resistance (Absolute value) 
           RR % + GR %
GMW = Gross Metric Weight DT

Surely, this is not accurate for determining, so we have to involve any correction for this. I need correction and suggest by all friends about equations above for any missunderstanding concept...Thanks

Reference :
Catterpillar Handbook
SME Handbook

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