22 August 2011

Work for profession or earning a living

Life is the choice. This statements is come true in my life. Everyone sure have  differ of opinion. I just want write this article when my friend talk with me about complaint his job. and when there is no one people want to hear. OK..I'm already to hear that.

I can take so much about two choice of work. And what your choice about that title. You work for profession or just earning a living. This kinds of job so really different. may be you know my means, right..

So many people work just for earning a living, what result if we work like this. OK, based on my talking with my friend. her choice is work for profession, so we can enjoy with our job. we doesn't require affraid feel to lost of job cause we work as professional. but if we work just for earning a living we sure be affraid if lost of job. So whatever done for make the another people comfort by me.

It's depend on by ourself. And by my opinion this choice like my friend so good choice for make me enjoy on the job.

But it's okay, Life is choice....may be all people take differ of this choice. But if we has urgent for get the job, work for earning a living will be good choice..




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